Bogomazov spoke about the struggle with Amoralov for the name of the group “Singing swindlers”

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As the musician noted, a former colleague puts sticks in his wheels.

Garik Bogomazov. Photo:

Former soloist of the group “Otpetye swindlers” Garik Bogomazov on the air of the program “Stars converged” on NTV told about the struggle of the band’s musicians for the name of the group. They cannot agree on which of them is allowed to be called “Sung swindlers”.

The group "Singing scammers"
Singing Scammers Group. Photo: frame from the program “Stars met”

“We are faced with the fact that Sergei Amoralov and Tom House put sticks in our wheels. He registered a patent for the name in an incomprehensible way, without telling us anything. He calls the organizers and says that the words “Sung swindlers” should not be placed on our posters.

Garik Bogomazov

Garik Bogomazov’s wife Victoria noticed that Amoralov was calling them and even threatening them.

“Everyone has equal rights to the song. Here the story is about posters and the name. He does not want the posters to read “Sung swindlers” somewhere. Now we can sing songs, but we can’t use the name “Sung swindlers”, – said Victoria Bogomazova.

The group “Singing swindlers” was very popular at the border centuries. Then between soloists a misunderstanding began and they began to build solo careers.

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