“Blue-eyed Doll”: 60-year-old Igor Butman marries a young student

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The famous Russian saxophonist is now preparing for a wedding with his incredible muse. Igor Butman first met the wonderful student during a tour in Chelyabinsk.

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Beloved of the famous saxophonist – a graduate of the Faculty of Music of the South Ural State Institute. Tchaikovsky. Anna Lvova met Igor Butman after his concert in Chelyabinsk. Then the girl made a report on the performance of the legendary musician. Today Igor Mikhailovich’s bride is in charge of PR, organizing various festivals and concerts for her beloved’s band. That is, in fact, Butman’s right hand man.

In addition to her education in her hometown, after graduating from the capital, Anna also graduated from the Ostankino Institute of Film and Television. Thus, the musician’s tumultuous affair with the beauty developed when she was still a student. And only after receiving a diploma did she get a job in Igor Butman’s team. Despite the fact that the 32-year-old young lady is suitable for her daughter’s lover, the couple has long established a harmonious relationship and is now preparing for the wedding. In addition, as the saxophonist once proudly statedhis beautiful chosen one is not only smart and beautiful, but also an excellent cook.

The famous jazzman is now ready to share his happiness even with his subscribers. In Igor Mikhailovich’s microblog you can see many of his joint photos with the blue-eyed blonde, who looks happy next to the famous groom. For example, on Valentine’s Day, Butman posted on his official Instagram page a photo of a real idyll with a young lover, which touched the Russians.

“Blue-eyed Doll”; “How beautiful you are !! Happiness !! Love! ”; “Without jazz, love is impossible”: “Happiness is great for you”; “Perfect couple” – fans supported their idol.

Note that before meeting with Anna, the musician twice tried to build personal happiness, but both his marriages ended in divorce. Today, Butman is the proud father of three sons, the youngest of whom recently turned 14.

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