Bloggers Ilya Varlamov and Arkady Gershman made a film about Volgograd

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Without waiting for the air express, Ilya Varlamov and Arkady Gershman took a taxi to the city. The driver complained to bloggers about poor road cleaning.

Ilya Varlamov noted that in the center of the hero city near the building of the Medical University, Soviet lampposts have been preserved. However, their condition and functionality have caused many questions among bloggers.

Once again, the guests of the city-hero criticized the number of air conditioners, which are placed on the facades of the historic buildings of the Alley of Heroes. Here, urban planners noted the lack of administrative control by the authorities and cited the example of Riga, where the installation of air conditioning on the facade is considered an interference with the architectural appearance of the building and as sanctions threatens to double property taxes.

The recently reconstructed Central Embankment of Volgograd has also been criticized by bloggers. Ilya Varlamov could not help but swear, describing the combination of historical elements of the waterfront with modern design solutions.

According to Arkady Gershman, the construction of Zero Longitudinal on the lower terrace of the Central Embankment did not solve the transport problem of Volgograd, but only ruined the potential of the city. Also criticized was the lack of proper landscaping in the village, where the summer is quite hot.

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