BLACKPINK fans oppose YG Entertainment

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Fans BLACKPINK again express dissatisfaction with the work YG Entertainment.

On February 20, one of the fans created a post in the online community, expressing his annoyance and complaining about the agency. The author of the post wrote: “This band debuted in 2016, but it has only 23 songs, including title tracks. It’s amazing how the band stays afloat. I would like their agency to work a little bit. “

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Netizen, who created the post, included a list of songs the band had released before, and complained that BLACKPINK release too few songs. Other users have agreed and also commented:

“They debuted 7 years ago, it’s a pity they’re making so little progress in Korea”

“When no one is promoting, it’s hard to stay a fan”

“For that matter, other bands release the same number of songs in 1-2 years”

«YG you need to get to work “

“It’s amazing how they still haven’t fallen off the podium”

“And that’s all? I’m not a fan of them, but I know all their songs, lol “

«YG Seriously, they don’t put together new bands and don’t come back to their old artists, so what do they do? ”

“I think, though BLACKPINK just a few songs, they’re all good. I know all their songs “

“It is very sad that they have only 23 songs in the 7 years since their debut. The girls are very talented and cute. “

And what do you think about this issue?

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