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At the peak of his fame, theater and film actor Sergei Bezrukov married Irina Bezrukova and started a second family. He twice became a father in a relationship with St. Petersburg actress Kristina Smirnova. But the public learned about it much later.

Now the actor Yesenin and Vysotsky is happily married to director Anna Mathison, they already have three children together, and they are not going to stop there.

Sergei Bezrukov: childhood, parents, education

Sergei Vitalyevich Bezrukov was born in Moscow on October 18, 1973. Father Vitaly Sergeevich was an actor and director, worked at the Moscow Academic Theater of Satire. Mother Natalia Mikhailovna Bezrukova is a housewife who worked as a store manager. The parents named their son after the beloved poet, the head of the family Sergei Yesenin.

Sergei Bezrukov as a child. Photo:

Little Serezha loved being with his dad at work, spent a lot of time behind the scenes watching professionals play, and decided to become an actor as well. And when he graduated from school in 1990, the question of where to go was not before him. He began to study at the Moscow Art Theater School.

Young Sergei Bezrukov with his parents. Photo: Global Look Press

In 1994, Bezrukov graduated from the acting department of the Moscow Art Theater School (Oleg Tabakov’s studio) and was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow Studio Theater under the direction of the mayor.

Sergei Bezrukov: career in theater

In Oleg Tabakov’s Snuffbox, Bezrukov played on stage while still a student. So it was not difficult for him to join the troupe. Here he served until 2009, embodying the bright characters of various characters on stage.

Bezrukov brilliantly played in such performances as “Passions for Bumbarash”, “Inspector”, “At the Bottom”, “Crazy”, “For every sage quite simple”, “Mad Day, or Marriage of Figaro” and a dozen other plays. At the same time, the actor managed to perform on other stages of the capital.

Sergei Bezrukov and Oleg Tabakov in the play “Marriage of Figaro”. Photo: Global Look Press

For example, in 2000 Bezrukov played Mozart in the play “Amadeus” on the stage of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater. Two years later, he played the role of Maurice Tabret in the play “Sacred Fire”. The actor also participated in the enterprises of the Art-Peter production center – plays “Cyrano de Bergerac” with the lead role and “Hooligan”, starring Sergei Yesenin.

Sergei Bezrukov as Sergei Yesenin. Photo: Global Look Press

In 2013, Bezrukov became the artistic director of the newly created Moscow Provincial Theater, which emerged from the merger of two regional ones – the Moscow Regional Drama Theater named after AN Ostrovsky and the Moscow Regional State Chamber Theater.

Sergei Bezrukov as Casanova. Photo:

Under Bezrukov’s direction, more than ten performances have been staged here, in which the celebrity acts not only as a director, but also as a performer in various plays in “Pushkin”, “Treasure Island”, “Uncle Vanya”, “Cyrano de Bergerac”, “Casanova” and many others.

Sergei Bezrukov: a career in cinema

Becoming a star of the theater scene, in the 2000s Sergei Bezrukov began to conquer cinema. The first few films did not bring him fame, but gave him invaluable experience. And when he was approved for the role of the criminal authority of Sasha White, he was able to embody his contradictory nature with all the brightness.

Sergei Bezrukov as Sasha Belyi. Shot from the series “Brigade”

Sergei Bezrukov’s crime multi-series drama about the harsh realities of the 1990s instantly glorified him in cinema. But not all actors from “Brigade” are grateful to this saga. For example, Pavel Maikov to this day, he regrets that he starred in the series.

Sergei Bezrukov as Sasha Belyi. Shot from the series “Brigade”

After “Brigade”, proposals from the directors rained down on Bezrukov like a cornucopia. In 2003, the actor appeared in the series “Plot”, but in a radically opposite guise – the police station in the village. An honest, fair and vulnerable law enforcement officer fell in love with viewers immediately. And for this role Bezrukov received in 2005 the “Golden Eagle” in the nomination “Best Male Role on Television”.

Sergei Bezrukov in the role of precinct. Frame from the series “Plot”

But Bezrukov refused to work in the continuation of the “Site”. And he preferred Eldar Ryazanov’s comedy “Keys to Happiness”.

In 2005, Sergei Bezrukov received an offer to play the role of Sergei Yesenin in the series of the same name. It became a real gift of destiny for him, the day he had dreamed of since childhood – to embody the character of his father’s favorite poet, whose name he bore. The script for the series was created by Bezrukov Sr., who also played Esenin Sr.

Sergei Bezrukov as Sergei Yesenin on the right). Photo:

Immediately after “Esenin” Bezrukov went head to head in a new project – “Master and Margarita”. Here he played the role of Yeshua Ha-Notsri. And again struck by the talent of reincarnation. There was also criticism, as if the artist who played the bandit was entrusted with the role of Christ.

Bezrukov and Alexander Pushkin’s “Sun of Russian Poetry” will play. Biographical drama “Pushkin. The Last Duel “was released in 2006.

Sergei Bezrukov as Pushkin. A shot from the TV series “Pushkin. The last duel “

In 2011, Sergei Bezrukov will play another apostle of Russian culture – Vladimir Vysotsky, although Vladimir Mashkov was initially approved for this role. To transform into an actor’s character, they make up drastically, so that you can’t tell the difference. But before that Bezrukov will appear in a series of remakes of Soviet film classics – “Carnival Night 2”, “Irony of Fate”. Continuation “,” Gentlemen, good luck! “.

In 2015, Sergei Bezrukov starred in the comedy “Milky Way”, directed by his wife Anna Mathison. She was followed by the second joint work of the creative duo – “After you”, in which Bezrukov had to transform into a brilliant dancer.

In Anna Mathison’s next film “Reserve” in 2018, Bezrukov also appeared in the cast. Here he has already played the role of a rocker, whose fame has passed, and he can only live in the past.

Sergei Bezrukov as Boris Godunov. A scene from the series “Godunov”

In the same year, Bezrukov played the role of Boris Godunov in the series of the same name. Playing such an iconic figure in the history of Russia, the actor tried to convey its character as accurately as possible, for which he delved into the chronicles and chronicles of that period.

Among the film projects and series with the participation of Sergei Bezrukov also stand out “Podolsk cadets”, “Beggars” (here he was also the general producer), “Monastery”, “Bender”, “Pope”. In all, Bezrukov has acted in more than 70 films during his career in cinema.

Sergei Bezrukov: music

The talented man is talented in everything, and Bezrukov proved it once again when in 2018 he put together his rock band “Godfather”. The artist has previously been interested in music – in 2008 he released a record “Hooligan” with songs based on poems by Sergei Yesenin, whom he adores, as well as his father. He wrote the music for them himself.

Sergei Bezrukov took place as a musician. Photo: Global Look Press

Now “Godfather” performs with concerts in Russia and Belarus, has released two albums – “Godfather” and “Reserve”. In music, Bezrukov calls his idols “Aquarium”, “Cinema”, Queen.

Sergei Bezrukov: other projects

Together with the first steps in the theater, Sergei Bezrukov began to develop on television. From 1995 to 1999, he was involved in the NTV project “Dolls”, where he voiced many characters, including Boris Yeltsin, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Gennady Zyuganov.

In 1997, Bezrukov starred in “Old Songs about the main thing-3” with the cabaret duo “Academy”. He also gave his voice to many fairy tales and projects. For example, Bezrukov recorded audiobooks “Anna Karenina” and other works of domestic classics.

Sergei Bezrukov: personal life

Fans are watching the popular actor’s personal life very closely. Bezrukov, meanwhile, has been married several times and is the father of many children. In 2000, he married actress Irina Livanova (Bezrukova), with whom they had been married for 15 years.

Sergei Bezrukov with his wife Irina. Photo: Global Look Press

They met during the filming of “Crusader-2” and have not parted for a decade and a half. From her first marriage, Irina had a son, Andrei Livanov, who died suddenly in March 2015. This tragedy crippled both, Bezrukov treated his stepson as his own son. In the same year, the actors parted ways.

But shortly before the tragedy, the public learned that Sergei Bezrukov had a second wife. It turned out that in parallel, the actor built another family, with a lover and two children.

Actress Kristina Smirnova agreed to share Bezrukov with another, and they entered into a secret relationship after the filming of the TV series “Yesenin” in 2005. The St. Petersburg resident gave her beloved daughter Alexander in 2008 and son Ivan in 2011.

Bezrukov’s illegitimate children are not spread, mentioning them only occasionally and occasionally. Literally in early March 2022, in an interview, he said that he had five children. But what they look like, hardly anyone will be able to see: Kristina Smirnova has long since retired from her acting career, married and lives in the UK.

Married to Irina Bezrukova, Sergei Bezrukov had no children. He was very worried about this. In the middle of 2021, in an interview with Svetlana Bondarchuk, the actor said that he was not in a childless marriage.

“I was not on my own, I did not understand what was happening – healthy people and here… And I wanted to be in the family. I was just brought up that way. I have a Nizhny Novgorod upbringing – when my wife and many children. This is my image, “he admitted actor.

Sergei Bezrukov and Anna Mathison

The current wife of the actor Anna Mathison – film director. They met Sergei during the filming of “The Milky Way”, and a year later it turned out that they played a wedding. Celebrities got married secretly from everyone. And three months later, Anna gave Sergei a daughter, Masha.

Sergei Bezrukov with his wife Anna Mathison. Photo: Global Look Press

Bezrukov later said that he took part in childbirth, did not move away from Anna not a step, even tied the umbilical cord himself. And that for the first time he felt like a father only when he took a tiny daughter in his arms.

A little more than two years have passed, and Sergei Bezrukov’s family has been replenished with another baby – in November 2018 Anna gave birth to a son, who was given the name Stepan. Bezrukov informed his Instagram followers about the appearance of their third child. In 2021, he and his wife had a son, named Vasily.

Sergei Bezrukov with his son Vasily. Photo:

Bezrukov and Mathison are not going to dwell on this number of children. The stars plan to adopt a child from an orphanage. And they both always dreamed of a big family.

Sergei Bezrukov with his family. Photo:

“Ana and I decided that we would have a child when Vasya was one year old, so that there would be weather. We help the Change One Life Foundation, I write down questionnaires. There are very young children there, they don’t even cry because they know that no one will come to them at night… It’s awful, ”Bezrukov said.

Sergei Bezrukov today

Currently, Sergei Bezrukov is still incredibly popular with the public and a very popular artist in theater and cinema. He directs the Provincial Theater, on the stage of which he plays, regularly goes on tour and every season tries to delight the audience with premieres with his participation.

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