BIGBANG became the first male artist to receive an All-Kill certificate in 2022

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New single BIGBANG Still Life has captured the Korean music charts.

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As of April 10, 9:30 a.m. Korean time digital single BIGBANG Still Life received an All-Kill certificate, making them the first male artists to achieve this in 2022. Since the release on April 5, the song dominates the music charts Korea’s real-time and also tops the international music charts around the world.

The song is All-Kill-certified when it ranks first in 24Hits Melon daily charts and charts, Genie and Bugs daily charts and real-time charts, YouTube Music best song charts, VIBE daily charts and FLO and iChart real-time charts . To receive Perfect All-Kill song status, you must also top the weekly iChart chart.

Congratulations BIGBANG!!

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