Big Hit Music responded to the report that Chimina’s apartment (BTS) was arrested for non-payment of insurance premiums

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Big Hit Music responded to the report that the apartment Chimina (BTS) was arrested National Health Insurance Service South Korea (NHIS) after he has not paid the insurance premiums.

According to an original report published on April 24 by the Korean media BizKorea, Chimin eventually paid all overdue health insurance contributions only after four registration documents for the seizure of the apartment were sent. The first document on late payment and seizure was registered on January 25, 2022. Three months later, on April 22, the arrest was lifted.

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The same day the article was published BizKorea, Big Hit Music issued an official statement to the press, explaining that the situation was caused by “negligence of the company.”

According to the company, the problem arose when employees received mail, which was originally sent to the address Chimina, intending to deliver it to the artist himself. However, some mail was not included by mistake.

“Chimin was unaware of the delay due to his overseas schedules, the long vacation since the end of last year, and the overseas schedule that followed; however, as soon as he learned of the situation, he paid his dues in full and the case is now closed, – confirmed in the agency. – We apologize for disturbing the artist and his fans due to negligence on the part of the company. “.

In the meantime Chimin bought an apartment in Hannam One Hill in May last year for 5.9 billion won (~ 4.8 million dollars).

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