Bezrukov allowed the Russian cinemas to close soon

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“It simply came to our notice then. At the premiere of “Mr. Knockout”, we were proud that our rental company is Disney, and now we have to look for a replacement, “said Bezrukov.

Actor Sasha Belyi in the TV series “Brigade” stressed that the domestic market has lost the largest foreign distributors. “Not only Disney has left the market, but the whole pack of Hollywood majors: SPPR, WDS and UPI, depriving viewers of” Batman “,” Morbius “and other films,” said the artist.

Sergei assured that Russian cinemas are trying to save the situation, so return to the big screens such legendary films of the 90’s and zero. However, Bezrukov is confident that even such decisions will not save the situation.

Cinemas, of course, are trying to save the situation by returning old films to the screens: from “Brother” to “Boomer”. But let’s be honest: 75-80% of the shortfall due to blockbusters is so easy to close the domestic cinema. Therefore, some of the halls have already been preserved, and others may be on the verge of closing in the near future, “said the popular actor.

The actor Yesenin and Vysotsky admitted that it was difficult for him to come to terms with what was happening. However, Sergei hopes that the difficult situation will play into the hands of domestic film production.

“As a person within the profession, of course, it is difficult for me to watch this. On the other hand, I want to believe that this will be the starting point for the breakthrough of our cinema, “the actor concluded.

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