Beyoncé was suspected of plagiarizing the song “Lube”. Nikolai Rastorguev commented on this

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Beyoncé was suspected of plagiarizing songs "Love".  Nikolai Rastorguev commented on this


The singer Beyonce was suspected of plagiarism: some users on the network at the beginning of the track Be Alive heard the melody of the song “Lube” “You carry me, river.”

The song, written by the pop diva for the movie “King Richard” starring Will Smith, was performed at the beginning of the Oscars this weekend. Be Alive was on the list of nominees in the category of “Best Song”, but eventually lost the track No Time to Die Billy Ailish.

The resemblance to the song “Lube” is noticed on RuNet not for the first time: at the end of last year after the premiere of the song Beyonce, comments from Russian-speaking users appeared on the Internet that the melody resembles the hit “Lube”.

The first seconds of the Be Alive track really sound similar, although in fairness it should be added that this is the only moment that is somewhat reminiscent of the work of Nikolai Rastorguev’s team. He himself, by the way, has already briefly commented on the news,

Six months of this story. Really, it seems. Took and used. I find it funny

– Rastorguev is quoted by the TV channel “360“.

In an interview with RIA Novosti, the leader of the group “Lube” added that he is not a fan of Beyonce and in general now there are things more important than the music video.

The song “You carry me, river” is one of the business cards of the group “Lube”. It was written by Igor Matvienko, released in 2002 and was included in the soundtrack of the series “Border. Taiga novel”. Interestingly, Matvienko himself was previously accused of plagiarism because of this song: the melody really resembles the guitar harmony of the 1991 composition of Europe – Girl From Lebanon.

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