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The beauty of this actress amazed viewers, who remembered her for her bright roles in the films “Island of the Lost Ships”, “Free Wind” and “Genius”. And now, when these pictures are once again shown on TV, many are wondering: where did she go? Let’s tell how the tragic fate of this beauty, whose name was Larisa Belogurova.

Childhood and early career

Larisa Belogurova was born in 1960 in Stalingrad, which a year after her birth was renamed Volgograd. The girl’s parents divorced after the birth of her younger brother, the stepfather raised the children. In her early childhood, Larisa miraculously survived severe pneumonia, was a weak child, so she began to get used to sports. In the 6th grade she began to engage in rhythmic gymnastics, and in two years received her first adult degree. In the senior classes Belogurova studied in the folk dance studio “Volzhanochka”, and after graduating from school she went to Leningrad to study in the experimental ballet studio, after which she became a dancer in the music hall.

From Leningrad she went to Moscow and easily entered GITIS. Teachers said that Belogurova’s romantic appearance was characterized by talent. On the student stage, she played Margarita and Zoika from Bulgakov’s “Masters and Margarita” and “Zoika’s Apartment”. The graduate was invited to Mossovet Theaterwhere she starred in performance “Infanta”.

Best films: from “The Sixth” to “Genius”

Larisa Belogurova in the film “Free Wind” (1983)

While still a student, film directors drew attention to Larisa Belogurova. Her first work in cinema was a detective action movie The Sixth (1981). This role was followed by a series of romantic heroines. Director Ian Fried invited the actress to the film adaptation of Isaac Dunaevsky’s operetta “Free Wind” (1983). And at first he tried her for the minor role of Pepita, which later played Tatiana Dogileva. But already at the rehearsals it became clear that Belogurova should star in the lead role of Stella.

The next roles of the actress were oriental princesses – Amina in a musical tale “The Adventures of Little Flour” (1983) and Malik in the movie “And another night of Shaherazade” (1984). Belogurova was afraid of becoming a hostage of a romantic role and was looking for dramatic roles. This was her next work in the film “Goodbye, green of summer” (1985). Her heroine Ulfat had to give up her beloved and marry another man at the will of her parents. As Larissa later said, this was her first conscious work in cinema.

Larisa Belogurova in the film “And another night of Shahrezada…” (1984)

In 1987, Belogurova starred in a musical film “Island of Dead Ships.” The actress was finally able to demonstrate her choreographic skills and plasticity, and her partners on the site became Konstantin Raikin, Natalia Lapina and played her lover Gediminas Storpirstis. The film was a success on television, and at the festival in Switzerland won the Silver Rose. Among her subsequent roles, the actress singled out work in a fantasy film The Apostate (1987) and the role of Beria’s wife in the tragedy “Feasts of Belshazzar, or Night with Stalin” (1989).

In 1991 it was published detective the film “Genius”, which became the most famous work of the actress. Tandem Alexander Abdulov, who played a talented inventor and adventurer, and Larisa Belogurova in the role of his lover, was so convincing that the actors were immediately credited with the novel. Larissa was at the zenith of fame and spectator love, but a year later she, starring in a failed film “Oriental novel”will leave the cinema forever.

Vladimir Tsyrkov and Larisa Belogurova

In 1993, Belogurova graduated from directing Anatoly Vasiliev at the School of Dramatic Art and devoted herself entirely to theater. Vasiliev gave her a role in his performances, he appreciated her very much, but also demanded full dedication, because of which she had to refuse offers to the movies.

At the theater, Larissa met her future husband Vladimir Tsyrkov, who came from Rostov-on-Don to do the musical part of the productions. He said that she answered the calls with suggestions that she was very busy, and only once she was persuaded to try for a role in the series “Balzac’s Age, or All Men Are Her” (premiere in 2004), but in the end instead for her role lawyer Alla Prikhodko approved the singer Lada Dance. Learning of this, Larissa crossed herself only with relief.

She became religious and left the theater

Larisa Belogurova in the film “Island of the Lost Ships” (1987)

Once a former theater colleague, who became a monk, invited her to visit the Belogorsky Monastery, located near Perm. The stay in the monastery dramatically changed the worldview of the actress, she became very religious, and soon left the theater. Larisa took a gold sewing course at the Novospassky Monastery, sang in the church choir, and recorded an audiobook of the abbess’s memoirs. Taisiya Leushinskaya. The actress had no children: first because of work, then health did not allow. She directed her unrealized maternal feelings to four of her nephews. To earn money, Larisa got a job in a kitchen utensils company, enthusiastically held product presentations, and became interested in cooking.

Illness and death of Larisa Belogurova

In 2002, Belogurova was diagnosed with cancer. She underwent treatment and the disease receded for a while. Larissa, despite the requests of her husband and friends, refused to undergo regular examinations, trying to avoid this topic. After a long remission, the disease made itself felt again. The disease began to develop rapidly, but Belogurova did not want to fight for her life, humbly accepting what was happening. The husband sold his mother’s apartment to pay for expensive treatment, which did not work. Larisa was placed in a hospice, but she asked her husband to take her home with a receipt. She died here in his arms on January 20, 2015. Larisa Belogurova was 54 years old.

Larisa Belogurova. Photo: globallookpress

Against the will of his wife, Vladimir called for the farewell of close friends, came to say goodbye to his beloved student and Alexander Vasiliev. The actress was buried in her homeland, in Volgograd, as she wished. A monument in the form of a film without a photograph of the one who was called the main beauty of Soviet cinema is installed on the grave.

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