Bergüzar Korel hugged baby Leila in a flamingo bomber jacket

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The actress from the Turkish TV series “1001 Nights” found an amazing quiet corner near London with a greenhouse and a cafe.

Bergüzar Korel and Halit Ergenç. Photo:

In his microblog Bergüzar Korel shared a fresh photo with her baby daughter Leila. Judging by the geolocation, the actress from the Turkish TV series “1001 Nights” spent the weekend with her family in the vicinity of Richmond. This is an amazing quiet corner near London, created especially for those who sometimes want to escape from the hustle and bustle and get closer to nature. There is a greenhouse and a cafe, as well as a wonderful garden.

In a recent photo, Bergüzar posed in an olive windbreaker cloak with her daughter Leila in her arms. The actress turned her back to the camera so that fans could not see her face. Baby Leila’s wife Halita Ergencha dressed her in a flamingo bomber jacket, a knitted hat with ears and pink velvet trousers, as well as socks.

Star of the series "1001 nights" Bergüzar Korel with his daughter Leila
Bergüzar Korel with his daughter Leila on a walk. Photo:

“I think dressing girls in all pink is too much. But even in everything dark – black or gray to your liking – is also a bust: very progressive. It doesn’t matter if you are a princess or a cowboy, a traveler or a ballerina, you will definitely find your favorite color – a shade of dream and freedom! The most beautiful color, “said Bergüzar.

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