Ben Stiller returned to his ex-wife five years after the divorce

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Ben Stiller admitted that he returned to the family five years after parting with his girlfriend. In 2017, the actor divorced his wife, actress Christine Taylor, after 17 years of marriage. But time has put everything in its place.

In a long interview with Esquire magazine, the 56-year-old Stiller spoke about his ups and downs, the loss of loved ones and how Covid-19 changed his life.

When the pandemic broke out, Ben and Christine, who still lived separately, decided it would be better for Stiller to return to the family home. The couple has two children in common, and this was the only way to see them in the first months of isolation.

“Over time, our relationship has evolved. We have been apart for a long time, and now we are together again, and we are very happy. It was a great solution for all of us. Suddenly, this is how the pandemic turned out for us, ”said Ben Stiller.

The actor admitted that over time, his worldview has changed: he began to accept people as they are and call things by their names.

“We began to respect the fact that in some ways we can be similar and in some ways different. I’m sure that by accepting this, you can really appreciate someone more, because you’re not trying to make someone change for you. If you and your partner have a high level of trust, you know that when they say “I don’t like it,” it doesn’t mean the same thing as “I don’t like you.”

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