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Bella Hadid talks about rhinoplasty as a teenager – Wonderzine

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American supermodel Bella Hadid in an interview with Vogue toldthat did rhinoplasty at the age of fourteen. According to her, then she could not accept her appearance, but over time she changed her point of view. “I am very sorry that I did not keep my natural nose shape. Many believe that I completely changed my face, only because of some children’s photos, where I was just swollen. But you don’t look the same now as you did at thirteen, do you? Hadid said.

In addition, the girl said that she experienced complexes because of comparisons with her sister Gigi Hadid. Self-doubt and criticism have negatively affected Bella’s mental health, which has led to depression and RPP. “I was not as bright and sociable as Gigi. People told me this many times, until I believed it myself. I always ask myself how an insecure girl with depression, body problems and eating disorders, who hates touch and suffers from high social anxiety, managed to get into the modeling sphere, “- added supermodel.

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