Because of illness? Semenovich had to say goodbye to his hair

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The singer admitted to health problems.

Fans of Anna Semenovich did not have long to watch the elegant hair of his idol. The singer admitted that due to hair problems she had to change her image and cut her curls.

“Its density is not enough. She ruined her hair over the years. It is necessary to restore “.

In an interview with PopCornNews, a trichologist Julia Nagaitseva explained why hair begins to lose density:

“It will definitely not be possible to solve this problem on your own. Normal hair does not lose density by itself, and even more so it has nothing to do with the season. If hair loss has started, it means some disease in the body. Possibly exacerbations, chronic diseases or hormonal changes.

The specialist also noted that you should pay attention to seasonal hair loss:

“Hair in spring or autumn does not fall just like that. So, a few months ago, you got sick of something. If hair begins to fall out in April, remember what happened to the body 3-4 months ago.

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