Became a star without a musical education, hid the disease from all over the country: the difficult fate of Maya Kristalinskaya

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Singer with a unique voice Maya Kristalinskaya became famous throughout the USSR. At the same time, the actress had no vocal or artistic education. Meanwhile, she managed to become a real star, loved by millions of listeners. Today, February 24, she could be 90 years old.

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The future actress was born on February 24, 1932 in the family of the editor of printed publications Vladimir Kristalinsky. The girl grew up very creative, loved to sing and often delighted guests with her performance. Among them, by the way, were many relatives of the Kristalinskis, who served in the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Musical Theater. So Maya was lucky enough to attend many famous performances of that time.

And yet Kristalinskaya’s childhood cannot be called cloudless, because she was only nine years old when the Great Patriotic War began. The memory of how she and her mother did not have time to reach the bomb shelter and remained in the house, deciding to rely on fate, will forever remain in the artist’s memory. They survived then, but Maya remembered her mother’s phrase forever: “Let’s stay home, you will not leave fate.”

The post-war period was difficult for everyone, but Kristalinskaya managed to get into the choir of the Central Palace of Children of Railwaymen to Semyon Dunaevsky. Singing was already the meaning of life for Maya. Despite this, after graduating from school, she decided to enter the Aviation Institute. However, even there the talented girl continued to sing at leisure.

As was customary in the USSR, after the institute, Kristalinskaya was sent to work at the plant. So yesterday’s student, who loves music, was in Novosibirsk. Together with her friend Valentina, Maya was engaged in extruding parts. Kristalinskaya had nowhere to live, so she and her friend spent the night at the factory on the couch. And although after a while they were given a room, the Novosibirsk conditions of the girlfriends were not happy at all. That is why they soon returned to Moscow. This prank could turn into a criminal term for the future actress and her colleagues, but the Ministry of Aviation Industry decided not to give way. The girls were assigned to work in the Design Bureau of General Designer Yakovlev.

Maya Kristalinskaya. Photo: frame from the musical film “Fairy Tales of the Russian Forest”

In her new place, Kristalinskaya continued to sing in between work. And there she was finally noticed. After three years of service, the talented singer was invited to perform first in the orchestra of Oleg Lundström, and then in the team of Eddie Rosner. They were both prominent cultural figures of their time. Thus, Lundström was considered the king of Russian jazz, and Rosner became famous not only in the USSR, but also in Germany and Poland.

The peak of Kristalinskaya’s career came at the age of 29. And, unfortunately, at the same time she began to have serious health problems. She constantly complained of constant sore throat and weakness that could not be ignored. Having finally turned to doctors, Maya Vladimirovna learned that she had cancer. Of course, the artist was strictly forbidden to sing. However, Kristalinskaya, who did not think of life without music, did not listen to anyone and continued to perform. In parallel with the tour, Kristalinskaya continued to be treated, hiding her diagnosis from the whole country.

Meanwhile, health problems were not the only test of the Soviet pop artist. At one time, higher ranks favored Maya Vladimirovna. However, everything changed for her with the arrival of Sergei Lapin, chairman of the State Committee for Radio and Television Broadcasting. It was by his decree, according to rumors, that Kristalinskaya was blacklisted. She later learned that Lapin considered her a performer who could only bring sadness and longing.

At the author’s evening of Alexandra Pakhmutova (1975). Photo: screenshot from the video / / watch? V = kts1sfoHlnE

The singer continued to tour, delighting an army of fans with her songs. At the same time, the Soviet actress became friends with Marlene Dietrich herself. They often corresponded, and Maya Vladimirovna even began to write a biography of the German actress. However, she did not have time to finish it.

Illness took away more and more energy from the actress. She was then greatly supported by Edward Barclay, her third husband. It is worth noting that Kristalinskaya’s first two marriages were not very successful. Satirist writer Arkady Arkanov stayed with the singer for only a year. With the next candidate, a journalist by education, the marriage was built by calculation. Soon after the wedding, Maya Vladimirovna realized that her new husband was next to her only because of the desire to become famous at her expense. At the same time he cheated on her and often drank.

But the third marriage brought Kristalinskaya long-awaited happiness. And this despite the fact that she already knew about her illness and honestly warned Barclay about it. But he was not afraid of possible difficulties and stoically endured all the hardships with his famous wife. Every day, Eduard made sure that Maya Vladimirovna did not forget to take medication, supported her and set her up for the best.

Unfortunately, Kristalinskaya and Barclay’s marriage lasted only eight years. In 1984, he died of a heart attack. And a year later the artist herself passed away.

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