Batrutdinov spoke about the connection with the participant of “Mask”

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The artist is actively trying to improve his personal life.

Timur Batrutdinov surprised fans and took the phone number from singer Marie Kraimbreri. It was she who hid in a Leopard costume in the new season of the “Mask” project.

As it turned out, the star of the Comedy Club in all previous issues did not hide his interest in the artist, who tried on a spectacular mask. Viewers could not help but notice the flirtation between celebrities, which led to the fact that Batrutdinov even tried to save Leopard in the vote. However, the artist’s attempts were not successful, so the participant had to reveal his identity.

According to the comedian, before filming this issue, he heard a song Kraimbreri on the radio and immediately thought of Leopard. Timur admitted that he did not believe in signs of fate, but in coincidences. After that, he showered the actress with compliments, appreciating both her singing and appearance.

“I am very glad that you took off your mask. You are much better off without her, ”Batrutdinov said.

At the end of the program, he even asked the singer for her phone number, and Kraimbreri decided not to refuse the Comedy Club resident.

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