“Batman” scenes after the titles are revealed

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The premiere of the movie “Batman” starring Robert Pattinson took place in cinemas, and therefore information about the scenes after the titles appeared on the Internet.

Immediately after the premiere of the new film, the first viewers revealed how many scenes after the titles of “Batman”. It turned out that in a new comic book movie DC there is only one scene after the titles, but it is not common in the style of Marvel movies. The scene after the titles of the movie “Batman”, in addition, does not carry any meaning and does not tease the second part of “Batman 2”. In addition, it is worth noting that in order to see the ending of “Batman”, viewers will have to wait until the end of all the titles, after which the scene will be shown after the titles.

Explanation of the scene after the Batman titles

In the movie “Batman”, the protagonist encounters several villains, one of whom is the Mystery Man. The scene after the titles of “Batman” refers to him. During the film itself, the Riddle leaves various pieces of evidence for Batman to solve riddles and follow in the footsteps of the criminal. Eventually, these puzzles cause Batman to communicate with the Puzzler directly through the anonymous chat app. It looks quite simple – a normal black screen on a background in which symbols of bright green color appear. While Batman and the Riddle are waiting for answers from each other, the symbol – Simply flashes on the screen. As soon as the Dark Knight solves another riddle of the Mystery Man, the villain abruptly turns off, leaving the message “Goodbye”. So, viewers who decide to wait for the scene after the titles of “Batman” will see flashes of images, and then the same inscription “Goodbye” left by the Mysterious Batman. There are no actors or hints of the second part in the scene after the Batman titles.

The movie “Batman” was released on March 2, 2022. It is worth noting that in Russia a new picture of DC from the studio Warner Bros. was canceled due to events in Ukraine.

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