Baranovskaya, who lost her job, warned: “Dates will be postponed”

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The TV presenter’s projects have not been aired for more than a month.

Julia Baranovskaya revealed the details of her life without work. As it turned out, she spends her free time traveling.

According to the celebrity, who has been on several trips in the last month, she recently went on an expedition to see the cubs of harp seals in their natural habitat. During the holidays, the TV presenter faced many difficulties due to the peculiarities of the lives of these animals, but still managed to achieve the desired.

“You need to plan in advance, and maybe the dates will be postponed, as it was with us last year … Adrenaline is outrageous both because you see squirrels, and from the realization that you are on the high seas,” – says the TV presenter in person. Telegram channel.

Web users were delighted with the idol’s story. Fans bombarded the celebrity with questions about the trip, and some also tried to find out when she would finish her vacation and return to the Male / Female studio, but the TV presenter ignored these questions.

“Julia, when will you be back on TV? More than a month without your show, ”write loyal fans.

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