Baranovskaya was convicted of raising her son Arshavin

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Telediva believes that her heir cannot stand up for himself.

Recently, TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya admitted that she was dissatisfied with the behavior of her eldest son Artem, whom she gave birth to from the famous football player Andrei Arshavin. The celebrity noticed that her heir is too gentle with others.

The TV host is concerned that Artem is showing excessive diplomacy and sometimes, when necessary, cannot stand up for himself. Julia does not hide that she blames her child for this. Meanwhile, many on the Internet condemned Baranovskaya for such upbringing.

For example, psychologist Anna Zavgorodneva noted that the instructions that the host of the show “Male / Female” gives to her son in the future may play a bad joke with him. The expert commented to the portal’s correspondents BLITZ + and stressed that parents should not be ashamed of their children, as this may later affect their psyche.

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