Baranovskaya in a dress the color of lush grass had fun in public

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The TV presenter shared with fans secret.

Julia Baranovskaya. Photo: Global Look Press

Julia Baranovskaya is a famous TV presenter. She does not hide that she has succeeded. After parting with Andrei Arshavin, she had to raise three children alone. At the same time, Julia built a career in television.

She manages to host several programs, often appears at social events. The star also travels and spends time with children. Recently her daughter Jan. celebrated her birthday by throwing a party.

It is noteworthy that Julia also takes care of herself. She is friends with Alexander Vasiliev. On April 8, the TV presenter decided to share footage of herself having fun in the studio of Russian Radio.

She appeared in a knitted dress the color of lush grass. The mother of many children gathered her hair into a bundle and made a barely noticeable make-up. Baranovskaya began to dance when she heard Christina Orbakayte’s hit “My World”.

“Mood is love,” she shared.

Fans admired what the star looked like. Many noted that it shines from within. Fans have been waiting for a long time for Julia to meet the other half.

“There are simply no words! How cool you are “,” Oh, how green goes “,” You must love! What an immediately shining smile “,” That’s right! you are a charm “,” What a beauty “,” Just incomparable “,” Oh, you infect positive “,” How natural you are “,” You’re a real girl-girl “,” I admire you “, – commented on the post subscribers.

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