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Baranovskaya chatted about her lover: “Don’t say I’m young”

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The celebrity once again made fans discuss their personal lives.

TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya excited fans by hinting at her new novel. She shared an unexpected confession on her social media page.

According to the star of “Male / Female”, rumors about her novel, which fans have been discussing for a long time, are true. It is indeed a relationship, but it will not reveal the identity of the chosen one. Julia only hinted that she could not call her lover “young.”

“But I can’t say he’s young. I’m not fifteen myself, “says the TV presenter.

It should be noted that Baranovskaya was previously accused in connection with Grigory Leps, who became a bachelor at the end of last year, but neither he nor she confirmed this information. Afterwards, the celebrity herself said that she was planning a wedding with Philip Kirkorov, but it turned out to be a joke.

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