Ban Shi Hyuk is the celebrity who has earned the most on royalties

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In the transfer KBS 2TV ‘Entertainment Company Live’ from the 11th the list was presented ‘Celebrities who have received the most profit from royalties’.

In third place was the author-performer Yoon John Sheen. It is known that he earned about 3 billion KRW (2.43 million US dollars) just by writing the lyrics of his debut song «Like It». The number of songs to which the copyright belongs Yoon John Sheen, is 563 songs. In second place was Pak Jin Yoon with 639 copyrighted songs.

The first place was taken by the composer and producer Ban Shi Hyuk. He is known as one of the most famous producers and songwriters yr “I Need You«, 2AM «Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die» and others. In particular, it is known that emu owns more than 740 original songs, as he was the producer, lyricist and composer of many songs BTS.

Congratulations on your well-deserved first place!

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