BadComedian joked about Will Smith’s slap in the face with a snippet from the program “Windows” with Nagiyev

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Movie reviewer Evgeny Bazhenov (BadComedian) in his Telegram channel joked about what could hide television from viewers of the broadcast of the “Oscar 2022” after Will Smith hit Chris Rock in the face.

“Cut fragment of the broadcast of the” OSCAR “award. In addition to the news of the fight between Will Smith and Chris Rock. From the viewers of the broadcast, they literally hid what happened after… “, – wrote BadComedian and attached to the post a video with an excerpt from Dmitriev Nagiyev’s program “Windows”, which was broadcast on TNT in the 2000s.

The video shows a fight that allegedly took place live on the show and managed to turn into chaos with the participation of viewers of the program and its heroes. In the end, the beaten host Dmitry Nagiyev is taken out of the studio.

At the Oscars, actor Chris Rock joked on stage about the short haircut of Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith’s wife, comparing her appearance to that of Demi Moore in Soldier Jane.

Subsequently, the actor apologized for the incident in front of the organizers of the event in his speech after receiving a statuette for his role in the film “King Richard”.

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