Babkina did not keep silent about working with Pelageya

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The actress admitted why she will not be able to work with a colleague in the shop.

Nadezhda Babkina is known not only as a singer, but also as the creator of the Russian Song Theater. The actress managed to gather a team of professionals, each of whom she values. However, there were celebrities and failures in their creative work.

For example, she admitted that she never realized her idea of ​​uniting all performers of folk songs. Nadezhda Georgievna clarified that she wanted to do this not in order to lead her colleagues, but in order to develop a “different philosophy.” Among those whom Babkina would like to see at home was the singer Pelageya.

However, the celebrity clarified that she will never come to her. “Everyone has one thought – just to survive,” – said Babkina on the YouTube showHistorian – Poison, David». At the same time, she noted that Pelageya, who is also “led by someone”, sings well, but still she “has no idea.”

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