AYU spoke about the upcoming 30th anniversary, its goals for the future, musical direction and much more

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Recently АйЮ took part in a photo shoot for Marie Claire Korea, where she gave an interview about the 30th anniversary.

АйЮ was born in 1993, which means that by Korean standards in 2022 she will be 30 years old. Asked if she was feeling her age, she said: “Musically, yes. I think that from a musical point of view, considering your feelings and thoughts about changing your age is a good concept. “LILAC” was my farewell song at the age of 20 and a reminder of the 29th anniversary, and “Twenty-three”, “Palette” and “eight” were also written according to age.».

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Asked if anything had changed on the eve of the 30th anniversary, she said: “Before the New Year, I watched the awards ceremony at home. I didn’t think about anything in particular, but when they started counting down, I suddenly felt excitement bloom in my chest. In the second half of my 20s I felt a slight lethargy and malaise, and now for the first time in a long time I felt relieved. I felt good and was confident that I could do anything. I still have that feeling, maybe it’s just the beginning of the year».

Asked if she was inspired by this sense of achievement, she said: “There is something I have been dreaming of since I was 20 years old. I want to open a small studio or concert hall where people can perform or work. Instead of a private studio, I want to create a space where you can show your work to the public. It was just a dream, but now that I’m 30, I’ve decided to do it and I want to make the dream come true». She added: “Since I worked in this industry, I have seen many cases where the opportunity to perform, collaborate with other artists or shoot video content was missed due to lack of space. COVID-19 makes it even harder to borrow a concert arena or studio».

Although her age plays an important role in music, АйЮ played many different roles as an actor. She said: “When I make music, I’m a producer, and I can use that to express and leave the thoughts that come to me in the past. But acting is not about me or my work. In order to be an actor capable of playing any role, I think it’s better not to limit yourself».

Asked about her hopes and dreams for the next 10 years, she said: “Thanks to the influence of my mother, I work hard to achieve my goals. I have thought a lot about the importance of supporting children and the elderly, but the blind spot on social security is usually young people. I talked to my mom about how to help people at this stage of life. I want to be an actor that the audience is ready to spend their time on, an actor that people are ready to watch, regardless of their project. At the same time, I want to be a musician who continues to interest people».

The interviewer asked: “Have you ever asked yourself:”How long will I be able to play and compose music?»» АйЮ replied: “Yes. Last year, I realized that my hearing wouldn’t always be the way it is, and I thought, “What if I can’t sound the way I want to?” I’m working on it now, but I’m scared to think that I won’t always be able to stay normal. If you think about it, I have poor endurance, and I’m less than other people, so such hard work would inevitably affect my body. I realized that I need to take better care of myself to work longer, because health is the most important thing. I was told I would think about it in my 30s, and they were right. It must be science, haha».

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