Avito will ban ads for the sale of e-books

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Avito service from April 1 imposes a ban on the placement of ads for the sale of electronic versions of books, audiobooks, according to a letter sent to users. A Avito spokesman confirmed to Vedomosti that the relevant notifications had been sent.

Avito already has a ban on advertising pirated copies of movies and games, and users are not allowed to sell replicas of designer clothes, gadgets or offer licensed software replacement services, according to the website.

Copyright infringements on Avito were widespread, according to Maxim Ryabyko, director general of the Internet Copyright Association (AZAPI; representing the interests of Russia’s largest book publishers). According to him, AZAPI has repeatedly discussed with Avito the possibility of introducing such moderation, as well as wrote statements to the police against users who place ads for the sale of pirated books, but to no avail.

According to Ryabyko, the fight against book piracy on Avito was complicated by the fact that users of the service posted only covers of works and information about books on their pages, and not illegal copies of books themselves. Accordingly, under current anti-piracy law, copyright holders have not been able to block such content.

The innovations at Avito are related to the recently adopted amendments to the Law on Information, Information Technology and Information Protection, which obliged large sites to prevent crime, otherwise their actions could be qualified as complicity, summed up the CEO of AZAPI.

The e-book market in Russia in 2020 grew by 32% to 8.2 billion rubles, said earlier the president of the largest publishing group “Exmo-AST” Oleg Novikov. According to Exmo-AST, it loses 15-20% annually due to piracy.

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