Averbukh declassified the name of the doer of the fate of the “Ice Age”

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Earlier, the famous coach Alexei Mishin said that his favorite project will not resume.

Averbuch’s voice has no power in returning the TV show.

Alarmed fans of the ice show attacked the main ideological inspirer of the project Ilya Averbukh. He was silent for a long time, but recently decided to speak.

“The decision is made by the management of the First Channel. This is their project, I’m just producing it. We hope and wait. I think it will become clearer after the May holidays. I will repeat once again that Konstantin Lvovich Ernst is making the decision, ”Averbukh admitted.

He also noted that the “Ice Age” is very important for athletes who have finished performing professionally – for them it is a second chance.

“I would like the project to take place, because it is important for many guys, because there is a difficult season ahead. There are guys who are already ready to end their careers, and to support them, including with a TV project, would be very useful, “Ilya Averbukh told the publication. Sport24.

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