ATEEZ talked about their first tour in two years, plans for the next album, desire to perform at the Super Bowl and much more

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Vogue Korea published photos and interviews in their latest issue ATEEZ!!

In January this year ATEEZ started their second world tour «THE FELLOWSHIP: BEGINNING OF THE END”After it was postponed in February 2020 due to COVID-19. Although they were able to postpone their concerts, their fans were forbidden to shout at them to prevent the virus from spreading. However ATEEZ came up with the idea of ​​handing out castanets so that fans could cheer them on in an original way.

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Due to the similarity of castanets with mollusks, they fit perfectly into the pirate concept of their debut track “Pirate King”. Dignity enthusiastically commented: “I knew that castanets at a concert would be an original idea, and as soon as I heard their sound, I thought it was the most beautiful sound in the world. The sincere voices of ATINY (ATEEZ fan club) were well conveyed by the castanets».

The final stop ATEEZ was Los Angeles, a city that the group, formerly known as KQ Fellaz, visited during their internship. About speaking at The Forum Honjun said: “The names of all the musicians who performed there are written on the walls of The Forum. When I entered the arena, I was shocked. As soon as our concert is over, someone else will be able to see our names, so I thought, “I want to be cool today.” Now our names will also be written there».

ATEEZ told about their devotion to the stage and explained how they become different characters during performances. Dignity commented: “I’m Chhwe San, but depending on the song, I can be anyone: from someone greedy to someone who is incredibly happy. It’s like choosing an image from all the different images inside me».

Sonhva added: «I’m usually very shy, but I don’t have to be myself on stage. The stage is a place where absolutely everything is allowed. During my debut, I controlled my mind, saying to myself, “I’m a real pirate. You can’t stop me. ” And when it was all over, I thought, “How did I do that? It was cool»».

Talking about the hard work on the performances, Dignity shared: “We work when we work, and we play when we play. When it comes to work, no matter who we are, we are one of those who talks a lot and without hesitation about the things we need to fix and the direction we need to go. We are not trying to hurt another person’s self-esteem, we are just saying what needs to be said».

Mingi chose greed as a strength of the group and explained: “All participants have their own opinion. Over the years, we find a compromise in some things, but sometimes we are greedy for small things. This man works so hard, so I can’t help but work even harder. This is how our skills continue to improve».

When the interviewer shared that word that comes to mind when watching speeches ATEEZIs “maximalism”, Honjunwho composed songs for all albums ATEEZ, said that he used to like to write songs with minimal sound. He shared with a laugh: “I’m telling you, I was obsessed with music with quiet sounds. However, when I started writing songs for ATEEZ, I watched science fiction and Marvel movies. And instead of focusing on the same thing, I began to think more differently».

About their next album Honjun said: “Since our debut, we have tried both captivating and playful. It all accumulates and no matter what genre we try, the concept of “it’s ATEEZ” arises. With our next album, I want to break the “ATEEZ style” once again. Can we try another image? We can».

Mingi continued: “If we originally mixed pop and hip-hop, I think we can create something of our own by mixing genres like EDM or rock. Since we relaxed a bit on our last album, I think we need to work harder this time.».

When ATEEZ asked to describe their careers in the form of a graph, they used a straight line tending upwards to demonstrate the gradual growth of the group. They also showed that they do not know and do not want to predict what will happen at the end of the schedule.

One shared: “If we go to the Billboard Music Awards, we will set a new goal, if we go to the Grammy, we will set the next one. We just want to become a group that will achieve its goals and move forward for a long, long time, like Shinhwa». Honjun also confidently added that one day they would like to perform at the Super Bowl.

After the first stage of his world tour ATEEZ will continue their concerts in Europe.

Full interview and photos ATEEZ will be published in the April issue of the magazine Vogue Korea!!

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