ATEEZ fans come together to boycott Eltee Skhillz, who allegedly plagiarized the video for “The Real”

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They ask people to write to e-mail KQ Entertainmentinstead of giving the clip more views.

Recently a Nigerian singer Eltee Skhillz was criticized from the outside ATHENS for the similarity between one of his music videos and “The Real»Groups ATEEZ.

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Some scenes and themes from the music video of the musician «OdgWhich was released just a couple of days ago, is compared to a music video ATEEZ, released in December last year. And it is clear why.

Although plagiarism claims are quite common in the K-Pop industry, it is less common to see such a blatant copy of a music video.

Please report this song to kq. The music video is called “Odg” Eltee Skhillz. Do not watch mv. Ateez plagiarize right and left, damn it. @kqentplease do something about it. It’s worse than that jyp made with nmixx. This is frankly…

Other fans raise the issue of cultural appropriation, namely in relation to what Skhillz wears a hanbok in a music video, and replaces Korean calligraphy with random characters.

I’m not even going to talk about how he copied Ateez, but he literally wore a hanbok… damn hanbok for music video! This is a cultural appropriation!

Instead of watching a video they don’t like, ATHENS encourage people to write emails KQ Entertainmentso that they know about the situation and can take action if they deem it necessary.

Already sent an email kq ent about the latest plagiarism problem in between ateez and mv Eltee Skhillz.
Thanks for the template from @ H0NGJOONGlE

In the meantime, if you want to show your support ATEEZwatch the clip «The Real»!

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