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The horoscope is provided by Mandragora salon.

IN ARIES an unusual turn in relations with colleagues and friends is likely. A period of testing patience and the truth of desires. Some of your talents will find their fans today.

TAURUS will remind you of old unrealized plans. You need to let go of all doubts and take action if you want life to change for the better. The evening is simply designed to relax in a pleasant atmosphere.

TO THE TWINS the day is suitable for creating images of your own future. Getting new information will help clarify goals and bring you into a new circle of communication. Especially lucky teachers, artists and everyone whose work is related to performing in front of other people.

Many CANCER will design the apartment at this time: try to move away from the usual decisions in what you do, boldly experiment with color and materials. Younger family members can surprise with their views and actions.

LIONS full of energy and ideas. Many will be actively involved in various spheres of life, sometimes against their will. Business partnerships and personal connections will help realize your hopes.

For DEV the coming spring has reserved special gifts: everything is being renewed, the sphere of action is expanding. Active social life may not leave time for the family: try to distribute your efforts taking into account the interests of family.

WEIGH the day brings pleasant changes, successes in creativity are probable. Spending at least a little time in nature, you will significantly improve your well-being. If it is unrealistic to get out of the city on weekdays – plan this event for the weekend.

IN SCORPIONS will be able to successfully demonstrate their ability to improvise. To achieve more, it is important to cooperate with partners in time. Visiting guests or a pleasant trip will help relieve fatigue.

IN SAGITTARIUS there may be surprises related to finances. Consider the new proposals that fate has in store for you. Particular attention should be paid to the development of perseverance, self-confidence.

CAPRICORN the desire to do things one’s own way can lead to conflicts. It is recommended, along with strength, to show gentleness, fulfill at least some requests of others and seek support from those around you.

AQUARIUS awaits success in creativity, study, communication with important people. You can dramatically change your life and have a noticeable impact on the lives of relatives. You can start the business you’ve been dreaming of lately.

To many FISH will have to make new commitments, which will subsequently benefit. A person endowed with power will play a significant role in the events of this period. Friends will help you achieve your goal.

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