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Asmus’s new lover was given birthmarks

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Christina stared at the actor, who is six years younger than her.

Garik Kharlamov’s ex-wife rarely talks about her personal life that the candid photo from the shower with the new chosen one was a real shock for the actress’ fans. Christina Asmus did not name her lover, but discerning fans did it for her.

While some commentators compared the picture to a scandalous scene from the movie “Text”, rejoicing in the unexpected sequel, others looked at their partner Asmus, it seems, through a magnifying glass.

Two moles – one on the neck and the other on the chest – forced to dispel the assumptions about Danila Kozlovsky, which had been floating before. Fans have no doubts – Christina Asmus is dating another, lesser-known actor Roman Evdokimov.

“Exactly Evdokimov, the birthmark converges”, “The second part of the film” Text “looks great”, “How beautiful Kharlamov”, – joked on the Web.

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