As the star of “Take Care of Women”, she played cheerful girls dying of cancer

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Galina Venevitinova was born on April 4, 1949 in Moscow. She has been interested in acting since childhood and went to a drama club. After graduating from school, she was able to get a job in the theater without an acting education. Talent was immediately seen in her. Later, she still entered GITIS, and after graduating from the institute she got into MTYUZ. She served there until the end of her days, she said Starhit.

“In working on each character, the actress is inspired, inventive, tireless, demanding of herself and her colleagues. Venevitinova has extraordinary musical abilities. Beautiful voice, plasticity, a fine sense of humor, stage charm – the integral qualities of the talent of the actress “, – said about Galina, the main director Yuri Zhigulsky.

In 1980, the actress was invited to rehearsals in the film “Take care of women.” Venevitinova played a cheerful girl-mechanic in the film. This image immediately fell in love with both viewers and critics. Everyone predicted bright prospects for the actress. However, things were not so rosy.

Even before the filming, Galina began to complain of severe fatigue and malaise. Venevitinova went to the doctor, and the examination showed that she had lymphosarcoma. The actress did not tell anyone about the disease and continued to work. The role of the smiling janitor Marusya in the movie “Just horror!” was the last for her. Galina was suffering from hellish pains, but she came to all the rehearsals on time and did her best. On December 29, 1983, the actress’ heart stopped beating. She was only 34 years old.

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