as the daughter of the late Heath Ledger looks now

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The star heiress has almost no chance of a career in cinema.

16-year-old Matilda Rose Ledger was spotted walking with her mother, Michelle Williams. The only daughter of the “Dark Knight” star, who passed away 14 years ago, grows up to be an exact copy of the actor.

However, it is worth noting that the girl’s figure is clearly not in her parents. She is already taller and a few kilograms more than her mother, who looks very petite against the background of a teenager.

Photo evidence appeared in the Telegram channel “Only to no one». The paparazzi also captured Matilda’s displeased face; her relationship with her mother seems to be quite strained.

Recall that Heath Ledger died on January 22, 2008 from an accidental overdose of painkillers. His daughter was just over two years old at the time, and although she doesn’t remember her father at all, she inherited his love of chess. But Matilda’s acting career is not at all interested.

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