As Marvel will say, so it will be – the actor of “Doctor Strange 2” told about the large-scale reshoots

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Unconfirmed role Bruce Campbell in “Dr. Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness” has spawned many fan theories, from Mysterio and Thor Baldr’s brother Odinson to variants of Dr. Strange or Iron Man. Brother Thor’s version is especially popular because the trailer contains a statue (presumably) of this god.

In fact, the actor is not even sure if his tiny episode survived after a whirlwind of large-scale reshuffles imposed by the studio Sam Raimi.

The guys from Marvel make eight such films at a time and change the storylines each time. So my friend Sam had to add scenes that he told him to shoot Marvel and delete scenes that were no longer appropriate. Until May, even Benedict Cumberbatch won’t be able to tell you if he’s in this movie.

Bruce Campbell

Yes, the actor is clearly not a fan of the MCU’s approach to work.

Reshoots solve many problems, one of which is trying to avoid unwanted leaks. It is no coincidence that “Doctor Strange 2” assigned the level of secrecy of “Avengers: Finale”.

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