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as in Moscow they said goodbye to Boris Nevzorov

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The famous actor passed away on February 18.

At the farewell to Boris Georgievich, the scandal was not repeated, as with the funeral of Leonid Kuravlev, which almost no one came to. The theatrical beau monde of Moscow and nearby cities gathered to see Nevzorov off for the last time, despite the fact that not everything went according to plan.

Boris Nevzorov’s farewell was originally supposed to take place at the Maly Theater, but the coronavirus ruined all plans by banning the event, which forced the actor’s family at the last minute to decide where to move it.

It was not possible to come to the Maly Theater – no problem, because all the artists of the Maly Theater came to say goodbye to Nevzorov. Vasily Bochkarev, Igor Petrenko, Vladimir Baylis, theater director Yuri Solomin and many others.

“Every role played by Boris Georgievich on stage was a masterpiece,” “Just being around him without even saying a word was happiness,” “When he cried on stage, the whole auditorium cried with him,” the words say. eyewitnesses in “KP”.

Photo source: Frame from the movie “Crane in the Sky” (2020)

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