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After filming in “Brigade”, the theater and film actress became famous.

Sergei Bezrukov and Ekaterina Guseva. Photo: frame from the TV series “Brigade”

Ekaterina Guseva one of the most beautiful and successful actresses of domestic cinema. She woke up famous after filming in the series “Brigade”, in which the star beauty played the wife of Sasha White. The actress still jokes that fans still identify them with Sergei Bezrukov with the much-loved characters of the sensational tape. Catherine herself is understanding of this. The Russian audience liked the TV series “Brigade” so much that the actors who played in the domestic action drama instantly became the most popular.

And here is what Ekaterina Guseva says about her popularity after the TV series “Brigade”.

“After” Brigade “, I had to try a little to regain my name,” said the actress, making it clear that fans began to approach her with questions – is she, the same Olga from “Brigade”.

Actor Sergei Bezrukov and Ekaterina Guseva
Ekaterina Guseva with Sergei Bezrukov on the set of the wedding. Photo: frame from the TV series “Brigade”

Ekaterina faced unprecedented popularity, she was not ready for such attention of fans. The actress had to hide behind glasses, handkerchiefs and hoods so that passers-by would not recognize her as Sasha Belyi’s wife. But even such a “masquerade” did not help much. Only after a while, fans of the series “Brigade” gradually calmed down and stopped harassing the star.

Actress Ekaterina Guseva
Time does not rule over the actress. Photo:

“It is unlikely that someone and Serezha will take us down together, we will not be able to leave the train of the Brigade, and we will remain White,” Guseva jokes.

Actress Ekaterina Guseva
Gusev still attracts the attention of the stronger sex. Photo:

The actress, even at 45, looks just great. It feels like she knows the secret of rejuvenating apples. She has thick hair, a charming smile, a radiant face without facial wrinkles, a piercing soft look – Ekaterina Guseva looks even more beautiful than in her youth.

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