As a drunken Morgenstern conducts a telegram. Merges the track with LSP and asks for help

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Hip-hopper Morgenstern posts a telegram in a state of intoxication, complaining of insomnia and merging the track snippet with LSP. The musician does not hide that he suffers from addiction, shooting a video of the antics from Israel.

Rapper Alisher Morgenstern candidly tells fans how he drinks alcohol every day while in Israel. The musician will post scattered comments on the MORGENSHTERN telegram channel – he writes that he is trying to stop drinking, switching to questions about streamers Ivan Zolo and Nekoglae. According to reports, the singer of the track “I’ll leave someday” addresses readers in a state of intoxication.

I couldn’t quit drinking, we’ll try tomorrow. And where is Ivan Zolo, where is Nekoglay?

Screenshot from the telegram channel MORGENSHTERN

Morgenstern, adhering to the traditional outrageous manner of communication, insults fans and at the same moment confesses his love for them. The hip-hopper is not asleep, posting comments early in the morning.

I just want to sleep. I hate you, you’re a fan of [идиота]. Love you. Drop it [хороший] rehab.

Screenshot from the telegram channel MORGENSHTERN

At around 8 am on April 22, the rapper shared an excerpt from a new song, allegedly recorded with the Belarusian rapper LSP.

You are lucky that I am a drunk and want to show something.

In his personal Instagram account (Meta Platforms Inc. is recognized as an extremist organization and banned in Russia), Morgenstern explained that he “got drunk and could not resist.” The musician ended a series of “drunk” stories with the words “it can’t go on like this.”

After dropping the snippet for several hours, the hip-hopper tried to convey to subscribers “something” about VPN and complained of insomnia.

Screenshot from the telegram channel MORGENSHTERN

Morgenstern may have been drinking heavily because of his breakup with his wife, blogger Dilara Zinatullina. Earlier, according to Medialeaks, an influencer revealed the reasons for the divorce after two months of marriage.

In another Medialeaks article you can read about Dmitry Medvedev’s blog – the former president of the Russian Federation is not shy in his expressions, walking across the United States and threatening the “stubborn” Ukrainian authorities.

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