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– We made a video. We then had the concept of “Crisis of Pleasures”: people ate burgers, ate Skittles, smoked cigarettes… And there was a shot of a girl falling out of her mouth all this Skittles. And we took this shot on the poster: the girl’s mouth is open, her tongue is shown and Skittles. And so we spent two weeks strangely promoting the festival everywhere: we hung posters on fences, on social networks… And it turns out that all these two weeks some, apparently, very advanced investigator was watching us very closely. And at one o’clock in the morning, twenty-five riot policemen with goproshki and machine guns flew to the party and laid everyone on the floor, including the editor-in-chief of Status magazine. They searched for something, but found nothing. We were called a hangout… Well, the proceedings began, of course, not before the exhibition, – said the ideological inspirer, curator of the festival and, as she said, “the best man on Earth” Margarita Moreva.

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