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Arntgoltz addressed Bogatyrev, who hastily fled because of the events in Ukraine

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Almost a year ago, Mark Bogatyrev and Tatiana Arntgoltz became parents. In the son, the actor does not tease the soul, however, as in his beloved. However, even the family could not stop the artist from leaving in a hurry.

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Mark Bogatyrev’s decision to leave the family is not accidental. On his Instagram page, he explained that he was affected by the alarming situation, due to which all the stars have been very worried for almost a week now. The star of domestic cinema spends a sudden vacation in Altai. Bogatyrev told fans that he bought a ticket to a famous medical starvation center. The artist will spend a little more than a week away from home. According to Mark’s plan, during this time he must put himself and his thoughts in order.

“I started a week-long fasting course under your sensitive attention… here you have a quiet, calm, time to think and understand how to live on…
Altai is now a safe place for rest and recovery… I highly recommend !!
Hunger-well ventilates the head from unnecessary information and gives the opportunity to highlight the main… important…
I need such austerity now, also because what is happening now on the fraternal Ukrainian land is devastating me… does not allow me to gather myself in my hands, but it is necessary… “- Mark wrote on his Instagram page (spelling and punctuation are copyrighted. – ed.).

For Bogatyrev, such a trip to the center of medical starvation is not the first, so he is in a good mood. But his wife Tatiana Arntgoltz, apparently, has already missed her husband. She was one of the first to react to the publication of a lover who had fled the city. “I love…” – the actress turned to Bogatyrev.

Some of Mark’s fans were alarmed by his message. Others simply wished him a good rest. There were also Instagram users who thanked the artist for not caring about what was happening in the world.

“It’s nice that you don’t promote anyone’s side, don’t whine that everything is so bad”; “Mark, health and good luck to you!”; “I also pray for the salvation of my family and friends! And for peace everywhere! ”; “Have a rest,” Bogatyrev’s fans write.

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