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Around the South Korean k-pop group BTS a scandal broke out. Famous American producer Mike Dean (Mike Dean) harshly criticized the guys and their music.

A few days ago, a ceremony was held “Grammys». Idols were nominated for “The best performance of the group». However, they did not win. The award went Doja Cat and Sza Kiss Me More. After the announcement of the winners, a post appeared on Twitter from Mike Dean, who addressed BTS fans.

“You will all grow up and one day discover music,” he wrote.

Thus, the producer hinted that only teenagers and children listen to the k-pop group. Moreover, Dean does not consider BTS music “real”. He noted that the band members play a minimal role in writing their own songs. This statement angered the ARMY. They showered Mike Dean with arguments highlighting BTS’s achievements and talent. For the first time, the guy liked posts in which he criticized and poured mud on BTS. But after a while, the producer had to get in touch to apologize to BTS and their listeners. Mike said he was just kidding.

PS BTS have always been the authors of their tracks.

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