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Are you pregnant again? Fans suspect “interesting situation” in 53-year-old Tatiana Bulanova – News

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The singer shared on the Internet her joint photo with Valery Rudnev, with whom she has been building a relationship for a long time. And attentive fans suspected that Tatiana Bulanova was expecting a baby.

Their affair began 2 years ago. She is now 53, and he is 19 years younger than her. At first, Tatiana Bulanova actively hid her romantic relationship with the former tennis player. But when the novel became known to journalists, she stopped resisting – and shared with her followers a story about her relationship. However, she did it reluctantly. The reason for such nonsense is that her chosen one does not like publicity.

However, this did not prevent the singer from showing off a joint photo where Bulanov poses with Rudnev in a suspicious outfit. Her red dress with a high waist seemed to fans too spacious. This style is always chosen by expectant mothers, wanting to hide the changes in the figure due to pregnancy. But, since the singer herself is silent, one can only wonder: is she expecting a child at the age of 53 or is she just trying to hide her excess weight?

It is worth reminding that Bulanova already has two sons. The eldest Nikolai lives an independent life, and the youngest Nikita is only 15 years old. But the singer herself has repeatedly stated that she would not refuse to give birth to another baby.

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