Are these trifles? Netrebko recognized health problems for the first time

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So far, the singer will not be able to go on stage.

With the onset of tension in society, Anna Netrebko suddenly disappeared from the radar. Prior to that, the singer lost her job in Europe, and the official reason was health problems.

Anna herself decided to break the silence and put all the dots over the “i”. The singer assured that she is really sick, and therefore the performances on stage should be forgotten.

But Netrebko assures that everything will be fine soon.

“Guys, hello everyone. Here I am – alive. I have, admittedly, mild bronchitis with laryngitis, but nothing – it’s all small things. I will recover soon. We will not get lost with you. Take care of yourself, I love you and we will be in touch, “Anna wrote on the Internet

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