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At the center of the plot is the eccentric businessman Adam Neumann and his wife Rebecca. The main roles in the series were played by Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway

Photo: frame from the series “Did not work”.

On the Apple TV + platform in the format mini-seriesscreened the history of the coworking company WeWork. The roles of scandalous startups were played by Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway.

Jared Leto’s character is serial entrepreneur Adam Newman. He gained fame and money thanks to his ability to sell and bluff before business partners. An immigrant from Israel unsuccessfully sells baby knee pads and folding heels at the beginning of the journey, and eventually creates unicorn startup WeWork. This is not just hipster coworking, but a community and lifestyle for freelancers. The name “Did not work” spoiler, what ended the business on the hype – the first series begins with the fact that the head of the soaring startup with a reputation rock stars dismisses the department of directors. But this story is not just a chronicle of WeWork’s failure, says film critic Yegor Moskvitin.

Yegor Moskvitin film critic

TV series about eccentric billionaires with a sectarian approach to business are not surprising today. “Didn’t work” came out almost simultaneously with another production drama about a burned-out startup – “In the Platoon: The Battle for Uber.” The theme of the dark side business empires is understood in movies and TV series often, and the conclusion there is one, he says film critic Ivan Afanasyev:

– This is a series that came out at one point with “Battle for Uber”, and this and that pro failure. As a result, there are two different approaches. In the first case – incompetent management of the company. And in the second case it is rather a reassessment of their strength. Increasing male toxic masculinity in the event of reactive success leads to destruction. Farce in its purest form, in my opinion. Given that we know how this startup ended, not without reason called the series WeCrashed, it’s pretty funny to watch. Ideally, this is about the fact that a businessman should be first and foremost balanced, calm and, most importantly, respectful to all people, that is, he should not catch the star.

– Are podcast series a trend?

– This is a new wave that has swept television. I remember some very large and quite important projects – “Bad Doctor”, “Something about Pam” and others.

The series about the world’s largest coworking franchise is based on a series of podcasts WeCrashed: The Rise and Fall of WeWork. Today, narrative podcasts often throw up stories for television – the stories in them already have a series of dramaturgy, and Hollywood producers believe that popular projects with listeners promising to screen. In 2020, at least 100 series were filmed based on podcasts.

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