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Apple +, following Netflix, terminates contracts with Will Smith

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American society can no longer stop.

Racism has crept in unnoticed: Apple + breaks contracts with Will Smith following Netflix
Will Smith. Photo: Global Look Press

“I am a legend” movie star Will Smithseems to have faced huge problems due to interceding for his beloved wife. At the Oscar ceremony, the host joked about the incurable disease of the artist’s wife. He could not stand the humiliation and punched the joker in the face.

And of course… Of course, Smith apologized the next day to the offender, but American society could not stop. Streaming services Netflix and Apple + have announced that they refuse to make an autobiographical film about the actor.

“Working with Will carries risks. Now they are [видеосервисы] will work with more suitable actors for the family audience, such as Mike Epps and Michael Bacary Jordan, “- said sources The Sun.

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