Apparently, the shooting of the series based on Fallout will begin next month

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The series Fallout, which is in production on Amazon, continues its journey and soon the creators will begin filming, which, according to a document recently found online, should begin in June 2022, which should mean a very short time to launch the series.

The information comes from a job posting on the StuntAccess website for people working in film and television. The announcement does not contain detailed information, but it states that the start of filming is scheduled for June 20, 2022.

The series is codenamed “Hondo” in the ad, but it appears to be a new Amazon TV product related to Interplay’s RPG series, and now Bethesda’s. Between the lines, however, there is also a kind of small synopsis: “The future that Americans once dreamed of in the last 40 years is exploding after the 2077 nuclear war,” which seems to be quite reminiscent of the Fallout setting.

To get an idea of ​​the possible timing, we can assume that the first season of “The Witcher” began filming in late October 2018, completed it in May 2019, and the series went live on December 20 of that year. The situation was very similar with the first season of “Mandalorets”: filming began in October 2018, ended in late February 2019 and launched at Disney + in November 2019.

According to these examples, which show that it takes about 13-14 months from the start of filming to the launch of the streaming product, the Fallout series can be expected to appear on Amazon Prime Video around the fall of 2023.

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