Anna Semenovich told about the new suitor for the first time

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Recently, Anna did a very bold act for a public figure: she admitted that she lost weight with liposuction. This spring, Semenovich is in for a turnaround – a big concert, the premiere of a new duo, and a birthday on March 1. So the surgeon’s transformation happened on time. Anna Semenovich gave her first interview on this topic to the TV program.

Singer Anna Semenovich. Photo: personal archive

– It’s amazing that you honestly told how exactly you changed. The result is weight loss and lifting. Satisfied?

– A beautiful body is a complex and big job: sports, proper nutrition and so on. It is impossible to achieve the desired result with one liposuction. This is just one of the stages that helps to correct particularly problematic areas. In my case, it’s the chin and arms. I have a genetic predisposition to the second chin – like my grandmother and mother. After 35 years, genetics makes itself felt.

Yes, you can fight it: there is absolutely nothing, constantly do massage, play sports from morning till night. But the result is still not guaranteed. And I found an option to overcome genetics – with the help of liposuction. In addition to the chin, I wanted to “pick up” my hands a bit. The fact is that women with natural lush breasts have strong arms and back, even at low weight. I was a little embarrassed, so I did liposuction and was happy. Three weeks have passed since the operation.

I will see the final result in a few months. But already now my hands have become noticeably thinner and tighter, there is almost no fat on my chin and neck – there is a small swelling, which I remove with the help of physiotherapy. The swelling goes away gradually, and you can see how the chin tightens. I believe that liposuction helps to remove fat from those areas that do not lose weight or at all. Someone’s hips, buttocks or chin, like mine.

“Wasn’t it scary to decide?”

– Of course, there were advisers who decided to say: “What are you, it’s so harmful!” Sometimes people give advice without understanding the topic at all. I consulted with doctors, studied the topic for a long time. I finally decided after my friend had liposuction, got pregnant six months later, gave birth and two months later was in perfect shape – as before pregnancy. This is because the fat that is removed in adulthood no longer returns. Seeing the perfect shape of my girlfriend, I went for liposuction to the doctor who operated on her.

– Many women want to change something in themselves “for the sake of men.” Did you do it for yourself or at the request of a loved one?

– I did not do liposuction for a man. I made it for myself – for fun, because I’ve wanted it for a long time. In general, I believe that everything in this life should be done for yourself.

“I have high antibodies”

Anna with her mother Tatiana Dmitrievna and father Grigory Timofeevich.  Photo: personal archive
Anna with her mother Tatiana Dmitrievna and father Grigory Timofeevich. Photo: personal archive

– Show business was not easy in the pandemic. Is it possible to plan a tour, are there any commercial events?

– During the isolation I had several online corporate parties, and people were very happy. But live performances, of course, are preferable – it’s communication with people, the exchange of energies. Fortunately, they are gradually returning. Now I am preparing for a solo concert, which will take place in April at the club “16 Tons”. It will be a new show with musicians, with a gorgeous dance program, with my most hit songs.

Fortunately, I remain a popular artist at private events – I am often booked for corporate parties, birthdays, weddings. People, having invited me for the first time, then order for the next family celebrations – I have a fun dance concert program of hits for 45 minutes. I also work as a presenter. So you do not have to be bored.

“Did you have a covid?”

– I got coronavirus at home, I stayed in quarantine for two weeks. I had high antibodies. After a while I got vaccinated. So now my antibodies are very high. I hope I’m protected.

– The Olympics in Beijing are over. Figure skating has become the most scandalous sport – because of the story with the doping test of Kamila Valieva. And this story is not over yet. Are you watching this?

– There is a lot of work, so it was difficult to watch the competition live. But I watched figure skating on YouTube. In the past I was a figure skater, a master of sports of international class. Camille is insanely sorry – at the age of 15 it is difficult to withstand such pressure, even an adult finds it difficult to cope in such a situation.

I sincerely wish Camille that this situation does not break her. It is important not to miss the moment and seek the help of a sports psychologist to cope with resentment and pain, to relieve stress. It is important for parents to react competently so that the child can stay in sports. And I am very glad that our girls Anna Shcherbakova and Alexander Trusov took both “gold” and “silver”.

– In your time, figure skaters took some vitamins, dietary supplements during intense training? What were the rules in this regard?

“I haven’t heard of doping.” Skaters do not have to run, lift weights. The maximum is to drink some vitamins, as girls do not eat much, because sports require thinness. Honestly, I don’t know what the system is now. When I was in the national team, I often took doping tests, and there were never any problems.

– You became the curator of the school of figure skating in the Kirov region. What will be your job?

– I will fly to Kirov – to hold master classes, communicate with parents, answer children’s questions. Help to distribute children: if the girl is small and fragile, it is better to give her in a pair of figure skating, high and emotional – in ice dancing and so on. I will involve children on the ice and instruct young skaters.

“He cared for me beautifully”

Anna Semenovich and Vladimir Fedorov at competitions in the United States.  1997  Photo: globallookpress
Anna Semenovich and Vladimir Fedorov at competitions in the United States. 1997 Photo: globallookpress

“Spring has come.” And many complain about the bad mood. Do you know how not to let experiences and melancholy into your life?

“What kind of gloom in the spring?” A wonderful time begins – giving, vacations, meetings with friends on barbecues, walks. It will soon be warmer, and it will be possible to walk for a long time. Sometimes in the evenings I just go out to sit on a bench near the house, to think, to meditate.

And in order not to get depressed, you must, first of all, surround yourself with pleasant communication. People who inspire support in a difficult moment. And you have it with each other. When the environment is positive, smiling, then everything in your life turns out well. Secondly, what we talk about, think about – comes to us in life.

That’s why I always say: everything is wonderful for me, and it will be even better. Keeping yourself in a good mood is discipline. We must learn to look for positive moments in everything. That’s how to live. The man is gone – so it was not your man, there will be another with whom you will be happy. For the last ten years I have been studying psychology and doing various experiments. One of them is to start by noticing only the good for 21 days in a row.

And see how your life will change. Discipline plus diligence, plus the thrill of life. Everything is great for me! I love everything! Therefore, I do not expect any depression – neither in spring, nor in autumn, nor in summer, nor in winter. I expect only happiness, joy, pleasure.

“How long have you been apart from a man you’re disappointed in?”

– Three months ago, a gallant gentleman began to take care of me beautifully – he invited me to restaurants and gave me expensive gifts. For example, he donated diamond earrings from a famous jewelry house. And during this period I met a close friend Nastya (singer Slava). Told about the new suitor, she became interested: “Show a picture!”

It seemed to her friend that this was her old acquaintance – very similar. Fifteen years ago, he cared for a large number of star girls at the same time, including Nastya. He gave her an expensive necklace and a bunch of other gifts, and then offered a lot of money for sex. It turned out that this is a man who cares about having sex with star women. And he made such an offer to many celebrities.

I immediately asked friends to “punch” my suitor – it turned out he was married and had five children from different women. And this was the same man who cared for Nastya! He returned to his former hobbies and, as it turned out, in parallel with me also cared for many other stars. Here is such a fetish for a man – loves only famous women.

It’s good that I met Nastya in time and we had a conversation on this topic. Everything turned out quickly enough, and nothing serious or started with this swindler. And I immediately cut off all communication. Of course, I was upset, because the man seemed interesting to me. But she immediately deleted it from her life and returned all the gifts, including earrings.

After such a story, Nastya and I first thought of recording a comic song about this gentleman. But a couple of months have passed, and suddenly my old authors send a song on the topic of this story of ours. Singer Slava and I have recorded a duet and are giving our Boomerang song to all women – along with a warning to be careful.

– What are the most important events in your life over the past year?

– I did a lot of what I wanted this year, but I put it off. Launched a marathon for women “Habit of happiness in 21 days”. I am proud that I decided to freeze my eggs – for future motherhood (reproductive technology that allows you to postpone motherhood to a later age. – Author).

All the time she endured the procedure due to prejudices, gossip and unverified information – as well as liposuction. She released two beautiful songs – “I want” and “I’m looking for a husband”. Worked, traveled. I always know exactly what I want – what kind of man to see next to me, what desires to fulfill…

Personal business

Anna Semenovich was born on March 1, 1980. She graduated from the Moscow State Academy of Physical Culture. Master of sports of international class, winner of international competitions.

In 2000, together with Roman Kostomarov, she became a silver medalist of the Russian Figure Skating Championships. Due to an injury, Meniscus retired from the big sport and began a career in show business. From 2003 to 2007 she sang in the group “Brilliant”. Filming: soon we will see Anna in the movie “Midshipmen 1787”. He has been leading the Dembel Album radio program for 12 years.

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