Anna Semenovich boasted of a stormy weekend, showing a photo with a half-naked gentleman

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The man lay on the floor completely exhausted by the passionate Anna.

Anna Semenovich is ready to do anything in search of personal happiness.

This time, the singer decided to follow the advice of the guru of psychoanalysis, urging to visualize their fantasies so that they come true as soon as possible.

This explains the photo with a half-naked man lying exhausted on the floor, which Semenovich posted on her blog.

The singer intrigued fans, playfully writing that “sometimes her weekend is just like that.”

In the frame, the actress appears disheveled, with a bright lipstick smeared on her face, a silk robe, carelessly tightened at the waist, and an empty glass in her hands.

The exhausted man is lying on the floor at this moment, his eyes closed.

Fans were seriously alarmed, asking Semenovich if her boyfriend was alive in the photo? Others complained that the men who had gone wrong today were weak.

“Our insatiable”; – Her fans were happy for the artist.

And only a few guessed that these are shots from the shooting of the singer’s music video.

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