Anna Netrebko explained that she preferred her music career

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The opera diva was included in the list of “canceled” artists.

Netrebko’s name has disappeared from all theatrical posters, but the singer is not upset. She admitted that she spends her free time for her own benefit.

Together with her husband, the opera singer went on a trip to the Emirates. The couple is researching local culture and is not thinking about work yet.

“I’ll be back to work soon, but I’m not drawn there yet. In these couple of free months, I will visit places I have never been before, ”the opera singer wrote on her social networks.

By the way, the husband of the actress Yusif Eivazov was not affected by the cancellation of concerts and termination of contracts. However, it is known that the couple refused to give concerts in Denmark, and Netrebko’s husband postponed the performance in “Crocus”, reports StarHit. There he was to perform with the group’s soloist «Ivanushki»Kirill Turichenko.

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