Anna Asti revealed all the cards after leaving Artik & Asti: “It’s all untrue”

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The actress did not want to tell why she decided on a solo career.

Anna Asti excited fans by commenting on her departure from Artik & Asti. The celebrity broke off her creative relationship with Artem Umrikhin in November last year.

Artik announced the breakup of the band on his social networks, but he chose not to comment on the reasons why the popular duo ceased to exist. According to the artist, he himself will be involved in the further development of the group, and Anna Asti will begin a solo career. Since then, many fans have tried to find out why the singer decided to go solo, but the girl did not comment on the situation.

As a result, fans decided that either Anna was forced by her husband Stanislav Yurkin, or she lost interest in the profession, as she began to earn a lot of money. According to the actress herself, who revealed herself in the documentary “The contract is over. Is there life after the label?“, All these conjectures can not be believed.

“It’s all untrue, it was my wish,” Anna admitted.

At the same time, the celebrity chose not to disclose any additional details.

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