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Anita Tsoi, a nutritionist, told about her problems with her figure

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The singer began to have health problems.

Anita Tsoi is still recovering from the coronavirus. The disease did not go unnoticed. Due to a hormonal failure, the singer first had problems with her arm, and then she gained weight sharply. In a conversation with PopCornNews nutritionist Rimma Moisenko told why Anita Tsoi is prone to gaining extra pounds.

“We see a weak press in the muscular part of the abdomen. Weight gain is steady. Anita Tsoi has a normosthenic type of physique. “

Tsoi herself admits that she has already put the figure in order. Proper nutrition and sports helped her in this. The nutritionist told why there is a sharp increase in weight after covid.

“During the coronavirus, the body loses a lot of muscle mass due to intoxication. As a result, people lose weight. But the disease is over, the body is recovering. Muscle mass is low, and muscle cells contain mitochondria, which give life energy.

With low muscle mass, mitochondria produce little energy. And metabolic processes are slowing down. And then the person starts eating. And returns those five pounds. But not at the expense of muscles, but at the expense of fat.

After a person has recovered, you need to pay special attention to your diet, as well as pass tests and check your body. And to stay in shape, heavy strength is better to prefer aerobic.

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